Y-DNA testing types:

1. Y-STR

Test 29-37 common STR sites of male Y chromosome.

When the result has a close match in the database (about 90% of the cases), the possible Y chromosome haplogroup (branch) and its geographic distribution and ethnic distribution will be obtained.

It is suitable for judging the same clan relationship between 2 or more people, or verifying the same clan relationship between you and a person with known results.

2. Genotyping Chips

Thousands of known SNP sites selected on the male Y chromosome were sequenced, and tens of thousands of selected sites on autosomes were detected.

The Y chromosome haplogroup (branch) to which it belongs can be determined, and the position on the Y chromosome pedigree tree of all humans can be determined; the individual ethnic lineage composition and composition percentage can be obtained.

It is suitable for determining the branch of the paternal line, focusing on personal traits and ancestral composition.

3. NGS

Sequencing of more than ten Mbp non-recombinant and non-repetitive regions on the male Y chromosome can obtain all SNP mutation information on the Y chromosome within tens of thousands of years in this region, which can be used to discover unknown Y-SNP mutations in individuals and their families.

It can determine the Y chromosome haplogroup (branch), the position on the Y chromosome evolution tree in the world, and the geographical distribution, ethnic distribution, representative person of the branch, etc.; can be based on the SNP under each branch of the Y chromosome lineage tree Locus, accurately estimate the order of paternal separation of multiple people, and can more accurately calculate the age of separation; the results can be used to draw a detailed Y chromosome pedigree tree (especially helpful for your own near branch judgment)

Suitable for users who want to revise their family tree, determine the age of separation of two or more paternal lines, and users who are willing to help scientific research institutions improve the Y chromosome genealogical tree.

4. WGS

Whole Genome Sequencing - The only genetic test that decodes 100% of DNA.

The most accurate DNA test in the world to examine your ancestry, health, diet, and physical activity.